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Using Beast GPS receiver from broken FlighFeeder on windows via USB


Hey guys I have a question… How can I use that Mode-S Beast GPS receiver from my broken FlightFeeder Setup in Windows… When I connect the receiver to my PC, I see this in Ports (COM and LPT section - “Silicon Labs Dual CP2105 USB to UART Bridge: Standard COM Port (COM10)” and this one in Universal Serial Bus devices section - “Enhanced Com Port (Interface 0)”… What software you suggest to use for this device to make it work and share data to FA???


Maybe these two links will help you:


There is also a guide here:

how to share the data with FA.

Anyway using a RPi would be preferrable i believe.
You could also install debian on a computer you don’t need windows on but that is something you would need to want to do as it would be some fiddling i guess.


Yeah I think RPi is the best option for this… anyways thanks you so much :slight_smile:


Or ask FA to send you the replacement board for the Flight Feeder that broke.
PS: That Beast board is expensive. The board without the GPS timing chip is EU 236. 81 (without shipping) .


Already did that… they said, that they can’t send me another one… You telling me to ask a new RPi right??


Maybe an outdated laptop no one wants anymore is cheaper than a new RasPi?

Don’t know which resources you have access to :slight_smile:

Installing debian is not that hard i’m sure you could figure it out.

When debian is installed you can just install piaware, then compile beast-splitter and install it.
If you figure out to install debian i should be able to guid you how to configure it :wink:

Installing debian is not that hard either you basically write an image onto an USB stick and boot from that.


If I run Debian as VM will it work??


Don’t really see why not if you can assign the VM control over the USB port you want to use.

I would try the netinstall cd (https://www.debian.org/CD/netinst/)
(on the linked page it is the amd64 linked on the right side unless you want to use bittorrent)
Then don’t install a graphical user interace you won’t need it anyway.

You will need to install git and build-essential

sudo apt-get install build-essential git


cd beast-splitter
dpkg-buildpackage -b

You will probably need some more dependencies install the with sudo apt-get install

If the build works you can install beast splitter.

Then you can install piaware like it is documented on the flightaware website.

If you have all that you need to configure it correctly we will get to that once the other stuff works haha :wink:


A RPi3 is $35. The case ($7.90) and power supply ($7.50) are another $15-16, but probably OP can use the original case.


ok i’ll try mate… thank you so much…


oh i forgot something. by default you can’t sudo on debian i believe.

probably just login as root and do everything as root.
it’s only a VM anyway :slight_smile:

so just be root and leave out the sudo.

good with a VM you can just copy paste error messages into this thread and i’ll get back to you.


ok… thanks bro… :blush: i’ll be in touch…



On my Debian 9.5 (Stretch) on VM, at least dump1090-fa works.
I did not try to install Piaware and Beast Splitter. Theoretically it should also work.

Screenshot 1 of 2


Screenshot 2 of 2



I can use sudo as user abcd. I am not sure if this was by default, or I had to add abcd to sudoer’s group.



yep… that was very usefull… thanks for the info man :slight_smile:


ok when i’m pasting that URL on terminal i’m getting this…




git clone URL

sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ok… what’s next ???


The last command expectedly returned some errors.

You see the line

error: Unmet build dependencies

With all of that stuff mentioned there do:

apt-get install debhelper libboost

Include the other dependencies as well.

Then do the dpkg-buildpackage -b command again.

If the build works you can install beast-splitter with:

dpkg -i ../beast-splitter_3.6.3_armhf.deb


something is wrong with that command…