iPhone app v 2.1 - Bug in My FlightAware Screen


I found an annoying bug in the My FlightAware screen on version 2.1 of the iPhone app. The steps to reproduce this are:

  • Have two planes defined in My FlightAware (example N12345 N67890)
  • Launch iPhone app
  • Select My FlightAware function
  • Select N12345, which properly shows the status of N12345
  • Select Back button
  • Select N67890, which again shows the status of N12345

It appears as though I can go to the Search screen and back to My FlightAware and get rid of this state where the app shows the status on the wrong plane. Sometimes it seems to work properly, but in most cases, the app keeps showing the status of the first airplane that is selected on the My FlightAware screen.