iPhone app bugs?

Great new iPhone app - a couple of things go wrong on my iPhone. Not usre if they are user error or bugs:

  1. When tracking a flight (for example “Track by Flight Number”) - the status bar displays ar "Status: <font class=“flightStatusGood…”

  2. On the detail page, the altitude seems to always display the filed altitude, not the current altitude. Maybe this was intentional?

  3. The “My FlighAware” icon on the lower corner of the main screen always brings up “Could not retrieve flights - To configure your My FLightAware flights please visit the FlightAware website”. The flights are configured on the website, but I still get this error. Is it user error?

Thanks - great app!

Thanks for the feedback, Dan.

  1. A bug introduced a couple days ago, fixed now.

  2. Yes, the filed altitude, filed speed, and filed route are displayed on the details page.

  3. MyFlightAware in the iPhone app only supports flights not airports. I see you have one My Airport but no My Aircraft, so you get the error message.