IP address for friends?


How do you determine the IPaddress and port number to allow
friends to see what you see on your receiver?


There is no rule for that. You can choose any port number, as long it is not used by another service or program.


rosen85 Your reply fails to answer the question. You may know how to do it but I don’t.

Would anyone know where there is a check list or instructions on how to set up or provide friends with your own ip address / other information such as port etc,where, friends
can view your view from your location?




The question is not easy to answer as there are so many home routers that may or may not support port forwarding.

Services such as www.dyndns.org can provider your home IP (external) with a dns name that changes when the IP address changes.

Setting up a home router to forward a particular incoming port to an internal IP address(Possibly changing the port) varies wildly. Some routers are easy and some are difficult.

Then there is the security aspect of opening up an Internal device to external access. There are many “script kiddies” out there just waiting to mess with a device that is accessible via the Internet. Even if they don’t want to control it, they can easily DOS attack it, rendering it useless. It may be possible to lock down the access to IP Networks, however, home and mobile addresses often change. Keeping an access list up to date can be a lot of work.


Johhawkes2030, I know my IP address, I’ve tried opening port 8080, 5000 and was unable to get it working with VRS VirtualRadarServer which obviously can be done, has instructions but poorly laid out and after dozens of hours I have been unable to see it working.

I was hoping that someone might be able to answer the question directly without conflating the question with answers to questions that were not asked.


Maybe if you provide your router details (model not ip address) someone may be able to help.


Somewhere in your router configuration there is usually an option called “port forwarding”. Pick an unused external port, say 8765 for this example. In the port forwarding configuration screen on your router, forward port 8765 to the IP address of your PiAware box port 80. Save and activate that port forwarding rule. Where exactly port forwarding is specified varies by router, but that’s that process. Your friends, and anyone else who wants to, goes to your-IP-address:8765 to see your PiAware display.


I’m using an MTS 5168N-110 Router
and does not appear to have anywhere to “forward” the port 8765 to
the PiAware box port 80.
I get to "Edit Firewall settings for this computer
select the application piaware and click save.
There does not appear to be any step to “forward”

One option I did not click was Allow all applications DMZ Mode

I get to the stage of “configuration Successful” but it does go past
Port (or range) From: To:
Map to host port
application type
then a definition list.

Still unable to see anything at



If it is Bell MTS (2Wire or pace gateway):

  1. Navigate to: Settings > Firewall > Applications, Pinholes and DMZ. This will bring up a list of computers connected to the router and a list of applications which use port forwarding. From list of computers select RPi



  1. Scroll down the “Application List” and select “Web Server”

  2. Click “Add” button



Thank you very much for the direction which worked perfectly
after I removed all my previous attempts to do it with Virtual Radar Server and RTL1090
however, I’d like to run both as both seem to collect different aircraft at the same time.

I’ve now got it up and running at my outside IP address which gives the FlightAware "PiAware Status page, then you have to hit Go To Map and it works.