PiAware to the internet

Is there a way to expose piaware to the internet ?
I’m using virtual server and it has a selection box to expose this server to the internet for my remote access. with excelent resoults
can i do this with piaware?

your piaware statistics page shows both your internal and “internet” ip addresses.

A remote location can access your piaware display by entering your “internet” ip address followed by :8080. Example: 555.444.33.22:8080

You can enter the numerical address directly in the Chrome browser address bar.

It’s very easy,

like my non dump1090-mutability radar;


Just forward your port 8080 on your router so it works with your externalIP:8080.

I then used external DNS to link it as an A record for my domain.

when you “port forward” or DMZ your piaware in your modem, you will need to know the internal ip address of your piaware. Enter it in the portforwarding or DMZ tables depending on which method you choose for access. Your piaware internal address is displayed on your statistics page.

You should expect your dump1090 to randomly start crashing after you do this.
Put a reverse proxy in front of it at a minimum.

Thanks for all the information
i’ve just fordwarded my 8080 port in the router and it works great :smiley:


built in webserver isn’t as robust as it could be.

With dump1090-mutability you van use lighttp to provide the web service - more reliable.

see if you get a problem :slight_smile:

I map a port other than 8080 that’s not being hit with a million “script kiddy” scanners, etc…

Definitely a good suggestion. I considered using 1090 just so it’s easy to remember.

I use a high numbered unassigned port, typically 50000+. Nobody typically scans these.