iOS push alerts not working


Good morning,

Email alerts are working but ont push alerts on my iPhone.
Iphone push alerts are OK for all others applications.
I try with another Flightaware accourt with another iPhone, same results.
On flightaware internet site, alerts messages are OK, but no push alerts on booth different iPhone and different account.
Do you have any idea ?


On your iOS device, try launching the FlightAware app and using the “gear” menu to logout and log back in. Perhaps your device has become unregistered.

I’ve just verified that I’m able to receive notifications on my own iPad.


I juste logged out, then in, using gear button, select iOS alerts, flight AFR7668.
On flightaware site, alerts was sending, but no push alerts on my iPhone:
AFR7668 est parti de LFPG/CDG pour LFML/MRS iOS d’Apple lundi 01:00PM EDT
My iPhone name is 'iPhone JM’
Thanks for your help.


I’ve removed all of your past iOS device connections from your account. Can you try logging out and back in from the app on your phone again?


Log out an in completed, but no push alert received
Alerts seems to be sended on internet site:
AFR7669 arrivé à LFPG/CDG de LFML/MRS iOS d’Apple mardi 05:10AM EDT
AFR7669 est parti de LFML/MRS pour LFPG/CDG iOS d’Apple mardi 03:57AM EDT
Could you send a test Push alert on my iPhone to check ?
Thank you for your help


I have sent a test message to your iPhone about DAL116, and all indications say it should have been sent. However, we do not receive actual confirmations from Apple’s servers about whether the message was actually delivered to your phone.


Alert is OK !
I try with JAL416 actually taxiing, iOS push alerts should be working now


It is very weird, push Alerts are sent on my iPhone device but I only received your test alert

I try to create another account, with my iPad to received push alerts, but it si the same, push alerts was sent but no received on my iPad.

Could you delete JeanMarcAgnelot account, it was just to test with my IPad, i keep login with my original account jmagnelot, and i would like receive push alerts on my iPhone only.

What is the difference between the test alert and real alert ?

Thank you for your help


The alerts are not working, not even on iPhone/iPad but email and Twitter too. I have configured 4 different alerts for departure, arrival, etc and I got none. This is not the first time I use the service, so I am aware of which boxes I need to click. In fact I am looking for the iOs app and I cannot find it (?)


I have set up email alerts several times and nothing! It’s easier to call the secretary and let her know we are on the way…