iOS notifications on new iPad



I have just setup a new iPad but the push notifications are not working.

The app is a fresh install. I have logged out and back in. The new iPad has the same name as the old iPad.

I am hoping that you can work your magic and fix this for me.



First, make sure you have notifications enabled. Next, realize that it may take some time (up to a couple hours in my experience) for the Apple servers to be updated with the information that they need to send push notifications to your device.


Seems I wasn’t getting any push notifications so I rebooted the iPad. I’m getting Tweets now so hopefully the Flightaware ones will come through.


Update: Tweet notifications are working but still none from Flightaware. App has been logged out and back in. My iPhone is getting Flightaware notifications.


Follow these steps and let me know if this resolves your issue.

  1. Log out of account on the app
  2. Search for a flight/aircraft and click the bell to set up an alert for the flight/aircraft
  3. You will be prompted to login, do so
  4. You should receive a permission pop up to allow us to send you notifications.

You do not need to complete the set up of the alert, this is simply to trigger the permission.


Yay, notifications are working again.

I reached my notification limit so I had to delete an existing one then create the notification again.

It didn’t ask for permission but a few minutes later I started receiving notifications.