Interesting Flight Today

Today at my airport:

The flight is going from Green Bay to Milan, italy.

I looked up some stats on the Falcon 900Ex and it says that the maximum range is 4500nm. According to flightaware, this trip is 4505nm. The Great Circle Mapper shows it as 4432nm. Either way, that is really close to being max’ed out!

My best guess? It’s an empty delivery flight. Looking up the N number of the plane, it has the number as reserved, not active, so maybe the plane just switched owners and the FAA database hasn’t been updated yet.

Don’t forget about winds. Eastbound flights can expect to extend the range a few hundred miles at least.

someone else said the winds were showing 50kts.

I’m thinking maybe delivery flight. I watched it take off and it didn’t seem to use more runway than normal. But if it was going to an owner in Italy, why would it have a new “N” number?


Well, I looked at the registration form again, and it looks like its simply a re-numbering of another aircraft, N330MC, whose tracking is blocked by the owner. Since the paperwork hasn’t seemed to have gone through the FAA yet, it’s not blocked and is shown as Unknown Owner.

Jet stream is pretty cranked up this time of the year. Don’t know the service ceiling of the plane being addressed but I just checked and the jet stream is blowing at 150 knots at 45,000 if the plane chose the northern route over the Atlantic.