inner child moment


Hey everyone, especially to the special people (damiross,silentnite,handcuffs,mkiomiga,jhem and,IADFXMD11HVY who helped me and gave so much advice in many topics or the previous topic “My Project” Unlike that cold blooded reptile "pika1000: and if your reading this (pika100) I wrote back to you on the post of the mcdalnolds fry cook. Anyway Im 12 years old and i enjoy playing with model airplanes, but I just wanted to know if there are any members in flightaware that do enjoy the samething even if your 21 years old. Also if you dont play with model airplanes why do you track flights in flightaware? (Very Curiuos) :slight_smile:


Hello Americanairdude, glad to hear your project is proceeding well.

In answer to your question, I primarily use FA to track my son’s flights during his semi-weekly tours of duty, as well as the flights of my other children and other family members.


I use FlightAware because I’m interested in aviation.

I don’t see what model airplanes have to do with tracking flights. That said, I do collect die case model planes.


…shouldnt that be die cast!
Or, a place where you put them, is there a live case for the safety conscious models and a die (sic.)case for the CFIT a/c (Controlled Flight into Tabletop)!!

Some I know have some seriously good dioramas on which they push around their little herpas/geminis etc. Shame you cant track em’



Gosh darn it. My computer done went and put an “e” in place of a “t”!

I’ve seen some pictures of the dioramas on They are really involved! They also take up as much room as my entire apartment.


I work in the industry and its nice coming here for other airline news and info. Especially with some of our new policies its helpful to be able to say that other airlines are doing the same thing when explaining a stupid policy to a passenger.

On top of that I like knowing when my flights will be landing, because our crews never call in unless they want a ride to the hotel(we have to call for that in advance). We have a general idea from our computer system but its only so accurate with weather and winds.

Really I’m just interested in the industry, it’ll be sad when I leave.