Incorrrect ICAO airline code for Exploits Valley Air Service

Ever since Exploits Valley Air Services began flying Air Canada’s second level of regional flights here in Atlantic Canada more than a year ago, the flights are identified in FlightAware with the prefix EV, or sometimes listed twice with the other listing with the ICAO code SKV. I see it multiple times a day on the Halifax (CYHZ) page, but it is happening wherever EVAS flies.

The IATA code for EVAS is 8K, but I have not been able to figure out if they in fact have an ICAO code but one would think they would. SKV is listed for and certainly is used by Sky Regional Airlines which also operates into this region. I don’t think there is any corporate connection between the two airlines, other than that they are both painted in the Air Canada Express livery, but even if there is, and SKV is correct, why are the EVAS flights always listed with an EV code, that is definitely not their IATA code, or double listed with EV and with SKV?

EV is the domestic designator that EVAS flies as. There are duplicates because Air Canada’s published schedule is not consistent with the flight number ranges it publishes. The ranges for Sky Regional flights are used by EVAS.

Thank you for your reply. Not sure if I completely understand, as I have not heard of a domestic designator before. As for the flight number ranges, would this be fixed if Air Canada subdivided its ranges to accommodate EVAS. It is not as if there are duplicate uses of the same number…i.e. Sky Regional doesn’t use these numbers, so why not give them up to EVAS? Just thinking out loud. Thanks again.