Incorrect aircraft model shown for code abbreviation

How do you correct the a/c type when the abbreviation appears to be correct but the model shown is not the correct model.

According to the FAA Contractions publication, there can be many different models for a given code. The code “C130” has over a dozen models listed.

I want to think you for giving a good subject line. Your topic has been brought up before but, due to worse-than-useless subject lines, I had a hard time finding it.

If I recall correctly, FlightAware picks one model for a given code based upon how likely that model is to be used for that code. For example, code C172 is shown as Cessna Skyhawk on the flight tracking pages but the code code be any of the following according to the FAA:

172, P172, R172, Skyhawk, Hawk XP, Cutlass (T-41, Mescalero), P-172, F172, FP172, FR172, Skyhawk, Reims Rocket, Hawk XP

Tell us what the code is and which of the options you think best represents the current active fleet operating under that code.

I have a suggestion to change an aircraft code:

PA32R is currently showing up on as a “Piper Cherokee Lance”. It would be more accurate if it was changed to “Piper Lance/Saratoga”.



Thank you!


The M4 designation is also for a Maule M4 series which is what I presently own. The model number shown whenever you check presently is a SAASA M1 Cuahatemoc? I would think the Maule would be more prevalent.

The M4 expansion was changed to something more generic.