I'm looking for my airlines' scheules on 1 July 2005


Hey there,

I looked at Air New Zealand and Air Canada flight schedules (I was dying to see actual time of departure and arrival and actual flight hours) on 1 july 2005 but they dont have it in the data. Please help me to find them for me.

1 July 2005 Air New Zealand NZ 8 AKL-SFO.
1 July 2005 Air Canada AC 563 SFO-YVR.

Many thanks for your help and time


On July 1, 2005 Air New Zealand flight 8 entered US airspace at 6:27am PDT and arrived at San Francisco Int’l Airport at 12:41pm PDT.

On July 1, 2005 Air Canada flight 563 departed San Francisco Int’l Airport at 3:15pm PDT. Since Vancouver is outside of US airspace, we don’t have an exact arrival time, but it appears to be a few minutes after 5pm PDT.