Flight information from 2005

Is there any way to find exact flight arrival time from a March 25, 2005 American Airlines flight from DFW to SFO landing in early/mid afternoon (prior to 3:00 p.m.)

Thanks for any help or assistance!

The Bureau of Transportation Statsitcs’ Airline On-time Performance Data has this.

Here’s the flight that you requested:
Flight: AAL1441
Aircraft tail number: N401AA
Origin: DFW departed at 11:50 (scheduled time was 11:53, wheels off was 12:05, taxi out: 15 minutes)
Destination: SFO arrived at 13:35 (scheduled time was 13:42, wheels on was 13:30, taxi in: 5 minutes)

Scheduled/Actual elapsed time (minutes): 229/225
Air time (minutes): 205
Distance: 1,464 miles

thank you!!

That’s impressive Juan, bravo.


There’s a wealth of information to be had in the BTS databases.

The files are downloaded as CSV files. In most cases, unless you have Excel 2007, you’ll need to import the files into Access or another database program because they are larger than Excel 2003 or earlier can handle. (Excel 2007 has over 1,000,000 rows!)