I'm Flying Tomorrow


As a fearful flyer, my ritual is to post my flights. I used to post for years on airdisaster.com but that forum closed. It was so difficult to find somewhere new to post this kind of stuff!

Sat., 8/17
Continental #104
Newark to Athens

Sun., 8/31
Continental #105
Athens to Newark

Thank you!


Yes, because a forum on a site called airDISASTER is a good place to feel better about flying… :laughing:

If you have been flying for years, you will be fine. Welcome to FlightAware.


Nice tough love there pika… :laughing:


Yes, you have extremely valid logic there - no argument! :slight_smile:


Flightaware is taking airdisaster.com’s calls now. See Banter Thread.



We never did find out what happened to this dude?! :open_mouth: :laughing:

Hope you have a better trip…and can come back and tell everyone. :wink:


That thread was hysterical! I loved how he mispelled his user name! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yah wonder what happened :wink:

I posted this there maybe it can help you

Flying can be really fun just bring a BIG book or something else to do. Also I would try and get an aisle seat so your not enclosed to one seat for the whole flight. Wink

N659JB :smiley:


Have fun in Athens. Just curious, what are you doing out there? Also, what plane type are you taking? I am assuming either a 767 or 777.


Discounted tickets to the Olympics?


“We regret to inform you that we’re running just a little behind. We’ll be arriving in Athens about 4 years late…”


It’s better then the cruise to the SLC olympics I was offered. They’d be showing old reruns on Tape reels.


Yes, but the upside is you’re guaranteed tickets to any event you want!


:laughing: :laughing:

Hey, I thought it was 2004.


FINALLY!!! A newbie that gets my twisted sense of humor!!!


I’m pleased to report that I was indeed able to get discount tickets to the Olympics! They’ve always told me that Greeks can be sneaky but I don’t buy it one bit!

The 767 is a nice ride. I’d love to see the 777.