I'm confused about this Eagle Flight, can anyone help out?


I came across this flight and I was wondering how this airplane has two different flights pretty much across the country. Can anyone explain what’s going on here???

Here’s a link to the flight… http://flightaware.com/live/flight/EGF36

The Dude


It’s different aircraft; the flight number is just for organization/ticketing purposes and isn’t associated with anything in particular.


The flight numbers have actually been truncated; either in the flight plan or by FA.

SBA-LAX is American/Eagle flight 3036
ORD-CMI is American/Eagle flight 4036


American Eagle is the one doing the truncation. It makes for amusing maps when AAL4xxx and AAL3xxx operate at the same time, both as EGFxxx.


Alright Guys, I get it now.

Thanks for clearing it up, I appreciate it!

The Dude