American Eagle Old # vs new #


As a pilot for american eagle, we would use the last 3 numbers as our call sign. So, on paper, we may be EGF3949 but we would go by Eagle Flight 949. Effective Sept. 3rd, we now go by the 4 number call sign. Unfortunately, this has screwed up Flight aware. There is now no history for the 4 number call sign even though its the same flight and operator for the past many years. Any way to fix this?


is the same as



Thanks for the heads up on this; in about 2 hours we’ll fix the mainline to regional mapping so AAL3123 goes to EGF3123 and EGF4123 goes to EGF4123.

There’s no way to combine the two since we don’t know what the first digit was. On the upside this removes one of the common sources of two flights with the same ACID in the air at the same time.