Ifr Refresher???


I got some mail the other day, I’m sure it’s some BS but I don’t know for sure. It was entitled “Ifr Refresher” and I think it’s some kind of magazine that talks about flying ifr but I really don’t know for sure. If any of you have subscribed to this magazine or know anything about it, I would like to know more about it. I don’t feel that I’m going to pursue this magazine(I didn’t even know they published a magazine about imc conditons), but I’d like to know how people feel about it if anybody knows anything about it.


I read it and find that it has some useful tips as well as reminds me about some of the things that I don’t use every day. They typically also go through a chart and talk through the actual approach, which I find helps me look for subtleties that I might miss on other approaches. I suggest that you call them and ask them to send you a back issue or two and you can see if you find it useful.

It only has to prevent one accident to be worthwhile.


I’ve read probably a hundred issues. Someone brought in a few boxes of back issues to the airport once. It’s not as much a magazine as it is a pamphlet. Probably 6 pages is the norm. Some interesting articles, especially the breakdown of approaches like CAFlier said, but I personally wouldn’t pay for it (I’m cheap, and I’m a pilot…'nuf said). I get much more info from AOPA magazine (included in membership) and the AOPA website (free).
Here’s the IFR Refresher website: ifr-refresher.com/
You can read past articles there.