Airliner World Magazine

Just wanted to share information about a magazine called “Airliner World”. It’s a glossy magazine full of photos of airliners from around the world, and short informational stories to go with them. It’s published in the U.K. and distributed worldwide. It ain’t cheap (like $65 or $70 a year for a subscription). A relative of a coworker brought a copy over, and it was passed on to me. It had an article about KDCA in it and promised articles on KIAD and KBWI in the next issues. I ended up subscribing so I could read the other articles.

If any of y’all are interested, here’s a linkie to their Web site:

Legal Disclaimer: I am not affilliated with Airliner World Magazine or its advertisers. I’m just a fellow enthusiast sharing information about this publication.

That’s one of the mags that make visiting Barnes and Noble worthwhile… to sit and read for free.

I’ve also always liked reading “Aviation Canada” for free because they have a lot of seaplanes, but I can never find them at B&N anymore.

How about Airways Magazine? Does anyone have a sub. to that? I picked one up at B&N and it is really good and cheap. I justbought a 6 month sub. to it!

I think it’s a great magazine, along with Airliners. I have multiple-years subscriptions to both. I’ve been a subscriber to both since they first came out.

It’s a pretty good magazine, covering aircraft, airlines and airports.

I have backnumbers from about 1996 to 2002. If anyone is interested in them out there, let me know. :slight_smile:

Two of my all-time favorite magazines. I, too, agree that reading them at B&N or Books-a-Million makes the time whiz by and keep my fantasies alive. I worked at LAX for TWA in 1952 while going to UCLA before Uncle Sam “requested” my services for four years. My favorite airplane, even after all these years, is still the Lockheed 1649 Starliner Constellation. Watching that plane takeoff was a beautiful sight.

I began flying commercially in 1948 on a Martin 202 NWA flight from BIL to MSP. Later, during my thirty-plus years of corporate life during which I flew domestically on more than three dozen airlines in about as many different aircraft, I still follow the airline scene in my nineteen years of retirement via these two magazines. To this day, I still time takeoff runs, keep track of tail numbers, etc. Retirement isn’t all that bad!

Who remembers “ONG Airlines?” How about “Hub Airlines?” "Trans-Texas Airlines (aka “Tree-Top Airlines)?”

Know of the last two but not familary with ONG. Can you tell us a little about them?

ONG Airlines was “Illinois’ Executive Airline” with service from Chicago to Milwaukee, Champaign, Peoria, Springfield, St. Louis, E. St. Louis, and Carbondale in 1968.

Trans-Texas Airlines (aka Tree-Top Airlines) later became Texas International Airlines and then was absorbed into Continental. In its TTA days, it was also known as “Thrilled To Arrive”.

I was under the impression it was the other way around. TT absorbed Continental and kept the latter’s name in the same way ValueJet took over Air Trans and kept the Air Trans name.

I remembered it otherwise, but Google and Wiki tell me you’re right. 1982.

Some TTA trivia, courtesy of Wiki:
“The flight between Abilene and DFW took about twenty minutes. It was always scheduled at 40 or 45 minutes so they could serve alcohol.”

Airliner World is the best aviation mag around with Aviation news coming in close 2nd, it does do good news and info