IFR planning program now free


I received the following email between the dashed lines from the creator of a program I use for my primary IFR flight planning.

Effective 1/1/08 there is a new version of ATP available for download. The major change is in the way that your local database is updated. In the past you were required to download an update file from me and apply it against your local database. In the new version you will be able to perform the update without any interaction with me.

As a result I will not be charging for the system any more. So tell you friends its FREE.

If you are no longer using ATP and wish to be removed from this mailing list click here.



The program can be found at cmensys.com/

The download link can be found at cmensys.com/trippack/email.htm (Note, the website says registering is free) Fill in the fields and you will then receive an email with a direct link to the file.

After downloading the program and installing it, to register it, go to cmensys.com/pw2.htm

I post these links above as the website is not exactly clear that there is no charge but based on the email, there is no charge for any step of the process.

My “pirep” made in 2006 on this program can be found at
tinyurl.com/yogccs There have been some improvements made on this program since then.

There will be a large learning curve on this program. It took me some time to learn it, but now that I know it, there is no turning back to NACO paper books / charts. And hey, now the price is right :smiley:




Have you ever tried the free flight planning software available to AOPA members (which is a watered down version of the Jeppeson flight planning software), and if so, how does this freeware compare to that?


I use the AOPA flight planner, believe it or not for one thing, and that is the MOCA / OROCA figure it provides on the flight plan for my GPS direct flights.

I don’t have the Jeppeson flight planner, since their approach plate prices are way out of my league so I figured their software would run parallel.

I never did like Golden Eagle flight planner as that program was a computer memory hog and slow as molasses, so can’t really comment on that program. Now that I have a newer computer, I could take a look at it, just haven’t had the desire…

The AOPA flight planner to me, is more designed for VFR flights, and the maps it provides is nice to see TFR’s and airspace and it does a nice job with figuring out IFR routes, but other planners do a better job in my experiences especially with GPS intersection routing.

I use the following programs for my flight planning. (in parenthesis are what I see as the best feature)

Voyager (gives profile graphical profile representation of ceilings and airspace)
ATP (downloads and combines all approach plates within your route)
AOPA (quick and easy look at flight plan and ETA planner)

I file my flight plans through the ATP program if I am at home or log on duat.com.

If it’s a trip I do routinely (KMBO to KEKY) and I need a quick briefing , AOPA works perfectly for me , but when I go in unknown territories, Voyager runs circles around AOPA.

Every program above do what they advertise what they do, it’s just a matter of how much time does one want to take to learn them.

For me, difficulty level from easiest to hardest to learn was AOPA being easiest, Voyager then ATP being the hardest to learn.

Voyager and ATP takes a huge learning curve, where as AOPA flight planner was much easier to learn, but then AOPA doesn’t have all the functionality the other two have.

So, really comes down to personal preference.



Is this guy on vacation or something? I tried to get the download email a couple times with a couple different emails and don’t get anything. I did this last night and still haven’t received anything. Checked my junkmail too.


I will email him to alert him.

He has always been quick for me…



Double check your email address. If you entered your email address into a form, you may have had a typo in it.


Update to my earlier reply.

I heard from the creator of the program and his autoresponder with the appropriate links were inop. Posted between the lines with permission of Greg is what I received.


You recently tried to download Aviator Trip Pack and did not get a

The auto responder at my domain was rendered inoperative do to an
error on my part.

You should have received:

New User,

Thanks for trying Aviator Trip Pack.

To install the system click on the link below, download and run the
Microsoft Installer File .msi.

Click here to download

When corresponding about the system please use the Help|E-Mail menu
function. This will help me identify system related request.

If for some reason there is an error in the downloading or you get a
message that this is not a valid Windows exe or Windows Installer
program then, in Internet Explorer menu Tools|Options|Delete Files
before you attempt to download again.

If you are running Windows 95, 98, or Me you may not have the most
current version the Windows Installer Engine. To get to the current
version go to the link below:

microsoft.com/downloads/deta … 3BB768148F


Based on my past experiences, I knew it was a serious anomaly.



I got it now. He sent me the same thing. Thanks for alerting him.


Anytime! Been using the program for about a year, so feel free to post or PM me if you have any questions!



Thanks. I’ll let you know if I have questions. I haven’t played with it yet, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something. It looks like a very versatile program. Especially for being free.