Identifying Flights In Congested Airspace


When viewing current flights around busy airports, many flights that are in close proximity to each other are not identified. (I’m guessing because there is no room to show all the info.)

Is there any way to zoom in, so that flights are displayed further apart on the screen, and hopefully, show the identity of each flight ?

Thanks !


Zoom and pan are in the works. Do a search and you will find more info on it in the forums.


Oh Joy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, EWR !


One time when I was monitoring ATC and tracking on Flightaware simultaneously at SEA, when the traffic got a little heavy, I noticed the funniest thing. Maybe only a woman would notice this :laughing: but I got the biggest kick out of something so silly. After each plane turned south on final approach, the little Flighaware plane icon on the map turned backwards and they all looked like they were landing backwards. :open_mouth:


Actually Butterfly, that was not an anomoly…

FlightAware receives cockpit telemetry via a constellation of orbiting eRAT satellites (enhanced Realtime Avionics Telemetry) which were previously used for the IRIDIUM satellite telephone system. If the pilot deploys the thrust reversers :open_mouth:, the airplane icon on the map also reverses direction.

NOT ! :smiling_imp: (But it sounded like a plausible explanation.)

Speaking of the Iridium satellites, which really DO exist, check out my posting about the similarity of spotting aircraft using FlightAware, and spotting IRIDIUM FLARES. If you’ve never heard of it, you are missing out on a really unusual, really interesting activity.