More zoom

While I’m being demanding, it occurs to me that not only would the zoom be nice but it would be even nicer centered on a quarry aircraft (as well as on airport designators). Thanks, Jan

And, since this accidental thread seems to be all mine, along with zoom (pending, I understand), I would like to see what the “radar block” information is for flights where that information is suppressed because it is too close to another one. And, tracking by double-clicking on a “radar block” (instead of going back to the tracking page and typing in the flight number) would be nice. Thanks, Jan

See this post in regard to future features.

I’ve seen reference to searching for activity between two designators
(CID-ORD, MDW-DEN, etc.). I know how to do this on Flytecomm
(for free, I’m a cheapskate) but I cannot figure out how to do it here.
How? Thanks, Jan

Try here for flight listings between airport pairs or here for IFR routes between airports.

Okay, I figured out how to get to the IFR city pairs look-up through Analysis. I cannot find the other city-pair one which gives a url of “live” after “live tracking”, but I can’t find my way to it out of the live-tracking screen. Where is it? (want to be able to do it on my own). Thanks, Jan

Click, “Don’t know the flight #?” at the top of most FA pages in the green box.