Icon pics


I’m really sorry to so this i looked at past forums of this but didn’t understand. I want to put a picture of a JetBlue ERJ190 i found a picture of it on google the pixles and hight and width are not what i need to have it on as a icon how can i get a picture to be all the right things and then unpload it to the browser menu i really want a picture but can never get it to be right please help me. Or is it possible for someone to find the on or similar pic and jus tsend it to me??? please get back soon.


Use a photo editor such as Irfanview. You can resize the pictures by pixel in Irfanview by clicking on image, then resize / resample. Select 80 in the first pixel entry and the height will automatically proprogate so the picture remains proportionate.

Hope this helps.



i don’t have that and i looked to download it but there is a lot of stuff i’m not familiar with. is there a was if i told you the picture you could edit it for me and send it to me or no???


Never mind i just figured it out thanks for the help though :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Hey 88nitro305,
I just saw your AVATAR in another thread and ran back to this one to say congrats!!! :smiley: One of these days I guess I’ve got to upload a picture. But which one?..decisions, decisions!!


Nice picture, glad you could figure it out. I know mine is actually pretty special to me. It is one of the first pictures I took the first time I went spotting at EWR, and it is a 777, one of my favorite airliners. Also the first time I saw Peter Max.


thanks but i’m looking for something else this was a test pic. i also want something with meaning. :smiley: