I keep trying to upload pictures but their all too big what do i do?


Get a program like Irfan view and then resize them down. irfanview.com/

To resize in Ifranview click on Image, Resize / Resample, put the new size in 80 for width (height should change based on ratio). Just be sure height and width do not exceed 80

Click OK, and then save your new art and upload.


Ok thanks. :slight_smile:


Another way is to use an image that is already the size you need. If you see an image online that you like and that you know is in the public domain, save it to your hard disk. Remember, as mentioned above, it cannot exceed 80 x 80 pixels.


If you are running Vista (puke). Do this:

  • Right click on picture and open in Microsoft Picture Manager
  • Select Edit or Fix
  • Select Resize
  • Delete the numbers there, and brute force key in 79 x 79 Pixels
  • Save and then upload

That does it!


Also, if your picture isn’t a square, you can reduce by percentage of size instead of hard keying 79x79. On pics that I have that aren’t square, this usually works best so they don’t look funky and stretched the wrong way.


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Thanks for the info. I hadn’t realized the picture manager was so robust. The same feature in XP wasn’t.

Vista isn’t that bad. One reason I delayed getting a new computer was that I knew it would have Vista on it. I needn’t have worried. Outside of a few annoyances like some of the security features, it’s a good operating system. Microsoft may have finally gotten it right. :open_mouth:


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I’ve had this problem too. Your’re not alone. But it has to be less then 80 X 80 pixels.


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