Ice Pilots NWT

Pretty cool show on National Geographic called Ice Pilots NWT. It’s about Buffalo Airways and the old vintage planes that they fly near the Arctic Circle.

They had to fly 2 CL-215 Water-Bombers over the North Atlantic to deliver to Turkey. Here are the flights:

Show’s worth checking out…I’m pretty sure you can find it On-Demand.


I hope the Tweetos come back for a second season.

A lot of people, including myself hope so too.

I watched the whole season on 1 day.I hope it returns also.Gives a true insight into the real life of a lot of pilots who have made great sacrafices to get where they are.

Flying Wild Alaska will be back in the Fall/Winter of next year. Great show!

As a former bush pilot myself I call that show 99% hollywood. But if it wasn’t all dramatized no one would watch it… sad

Why do you say that? Is it not as difficult as it looks?

[quote=“Super-Pilot-Flyboy”]But if it wasn’t all dramatized no one would watch it…

I just think it’s cool that an airline that still flies an Electra, DC-6 and C-46 (as well as the others) is televised!

Sometimes the drama is real. :open_mouth: In one of the episodes last weekend, the Buffalo crew was training the Turkish pilots to fly the water bombers. The Turks were doing touch and go’s, and on one of the passes, they forgot to lower the gear. Camera man was filming head on and finally decided it was time to bail! Below is a clip showing a portion of the mishap.

I agree! Great show!

I love this show! I’ve seen every episode of season 1 and 2, and i think 3 is either being made now or starting to show on History TV (channel not available to me in RI, USA). I saw a repeat on National Geographic but finished the episodes on youtube.

This guy’s got every episode online, the title in some weird language:
- YouTube)

We love the show here in England, we get it on Quest (DTV & on Sat). We had a bad winter last year but nothing like these guys fly through. Not seen it for the past 2 or 3 weeks as I’ve been working away from home then working nights.


Heard this week that National Geographic will not be picking up season 2. Here is a link to their contact info, ask them to reconsider if you like this show.

Sorry to drum up an old post, but I saw the show for the first time last week, and watched tonight as well (at least one was a repeat from last week). Very interesting show. I love those old planes. While they were then also old, they were a tad more common in my childhood. Plus, I like the northern Canada landscape. Very bleak and simple, and everything is built not for beauty, but to withstand the elements.

I saw this on The Weather Channel, of all places.