History Channel Canada - Ice Pilots . . .


Hope it is available to all. There are 13 total episodes, the first one in now available on the internet at the above link. Follows the exploits of Buffalo Airways based out of Yellowknife NWT.

Follows Click Here for Buffalo Airways site.

However, it is not available in the USA, even on the web. Got the following message when I tried to play it:

Sorry - this video is not available in your country
If you are in Canada and are denied access to this clip… blah blah blah

Hmmm, I hate that. On many of the News websites, I always get not available in my area, then they provide a Canadian website, and it never, ever has the clip I want!!!

Wonder if there is a site you can go to, that would direct a signal from Canada to fool the regulators??? Makes sense to me.

Shame…would’ve liked to see it. :frowning:

I don’t think it’s the regulators. I think it’s more for commercial reason. Canwest - the owner of History Television - also owns the National Geographic Channel. I have the feeling that this show may show up on the National Geographic Channel. Could be wrong but…

(Canwest also owns HGTV, Food Network, E!, and other networks)

This is the Ice Pilots website . . . icepilots.com/profile_jeremy.php

and YouTube Buffalo Airways videos.

Ask the History Channel to buy the series. Click this URL for the comments page. tinyurl.com/ylqcat9

Just another over glorified reality TV show. Way to go history Ch.

Outside of “Pawn Stars” and “Ice Road Truckers” History Ch. hasn’t done very well on reality shows.

Now, I will say this. WWII in HD…BEST SERIES EVER!!!

Ice road truckers Alaska- I worked in that part of the world and even know a few of the dudes that were on the show, Over glorified.

WWII in HD is good

Yes, Excellent.

AvWeb Podcast AvWeb’s Russ Niles on Canada’s History Channel on Ice Pilots tv series.

I was just YouTubing that airline. They even sell a full array of t-shirts and stuff. I’d love to be able to see that show, but I hear what you all say about things being glorified on reality TV. I personally laugh at those environmentalists who throw bottles full of stinky chemicals onto huge Japanese whaling ships.

What the hell is that show?

Anyhow, it would be fun to go to Yellowknife airport and just watch planes for a while, and see that airline in person.

Save the pistons!

Unfortunately the show is on History Channel Canada and is not available in the states, according to sources on a Yahoo Group on old piston aircraft.

Save the Whales!

Collect the whole set… :laughing: