aviation runways on history chanel

the subject says it all.

Actually, it doesn’t say much at all. No time, no quick summary of what it might be about, no show name.

Yup, other than the beginnings to a wild goose chase, the subject doesn’t say crap.

Actually, it makes me think that Chanel has a new scent called Runway…

Mix essence of JP-5, a little bit of burned rubber…

I’ve seen this show and, yes, the subject line does say what the posting is about.

I would have been a little more specific in the subject line and said a little about it in the actual body of it. However, his subject line i s a lot better that some of the idiotic subject lines I’ve seen on the forum. Three of these are “Anyone ever seen anything like this?”, “Which Aircraft?”, and (my all time favorite) “Question”

That said, the show is about runways and is on the Discovery Channel. Do you need more information?

So is it Discovery or History?

Is it called “Runways” or does it fall under Modern Marvels, or even “Destroyed in Seconds” depending on which channel is it actually on?

Is there a normal time for it?

However, yes, the subject line was better than some.

The obvious question remains to be asked…
WHEN IS THE F***ING SHOW GOING TO AIR??? :exclamation:

History (my mistake when I said Discovery).

0400 PDT on Channel 120 if you have Dish Network. Your times will vary.

Today??? Their Web site is showing “COLD CUTS” at 7:00 EDT today. “THE STATES” is showing at 4:00 EDT

Their “week-at-a-glance” shows Modern Marvels on week nights during the later time slot, but shows nothing about runways…

I said 0400 PDT. According to the Dish Network schedule for ZIP code 94546 on 1 July:

4:00 AM Modern Marvels “Runways”

5:00 AM The States “New Jersey, Arizona, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Alaska”

6:00 AM The States “Virginia, Ohio, Idaho, Alabama, North Dakota”

7:00 AM The States “Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Hawaii, South Carolina, Montana”

8:00 AM The States “Texas, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Iowa, Delaware”

9:00 AM The States “New York, Louisiana, Oregon, New Mexico and Vermont”

10:00 AM Modern Marvels “Cold Cuts”

Okay… 0400 = 4:00 AM - DUH!

But that was THIS MORNING. Thanks for the heads up… :unamused:

Just wait a few days (or weeks) and It’ll be on Hulu

See, wouldn’t it have been much easier to just say

“Modern Marvels, on the History Channel has (or just aired) a show about runways.”

Hell, one could even go as far as to comment on the show if they saw it.

The OP gave nothing except the topic of the unnamed show and the channel it was on.

At least he was trying. All you have done is complained and made fun of the original poster.

Hi Pot. I’m the Kettle. Nice to meet you.

Hey…wait a minute…I thought that that was my job. :smiling_imp:

Sorry Dami - I didn’t know I offended you with my “Anyone ever seen anything like this?” subject line. Next time I’ll try and figure a way to post a thumbnail pic in the subject line to accompany the question.

Wasn’t offended. I’ve always thought subject lines should be informative and tell at least a little something about the subject being posted.

ok maybe i could have been more specific, but here is all it said…

im sorry i thought i put the time it started. oh well i missed it anyway, i started a poker tourney and played straight thru and missed the show completely. and its not on again that i can see.

Not to worry. Knowing the History Channle, I predict it will be on again within the next 2 months.


this guy had thousands of discovery and history channel shows on his page, but got banned, so he moved here, he had alot of hitler and vietnam stuff which i dont care too much about, but he had a ton of military planes and stuff like that, so it looks like he is adding 1 or 2 shows a day. On you tube i was down loading the shows and playing them on my ipod while at the gym, not sure how this site will work out for him.