Alaska via Super Cub

In another thread I posted this link to my son’s pics of Alaska, but instead of hijacking that thread I thought I should start another.

I just returned from a week of flying around Alaska with him and it was the most incredible week of my life (and that’s saying alot because I’m 60)! We went from Anchorage through the Alaskan Range to Fairbanks and up to the edge of the Northern Slope, then to Nome, Seward Penesula, and back again through Rainy Pass in the Alaskan Range to Anchorage. The wx was too low and socked in this time of the year to allow us onto the Northern Slope.

His pics (at the bottom of the website) begin with his purchase of the Cub in Montana several weeks ago and his trip from SoCal through western Canada to AK. He updates his site every few days (in between some work as a physician in Anchorage) and he’s a very talented photographer! I was with him during the section entitled “The Big Loop” (I’m Norm from Spokane, his dad).

If you’re fascinated with Alaska as I am then here’s the link:

Great trip!

Outstanding, what a trip. Thanks.

You must be justifiably proud of Dr. Shaun.

You done good Norm!

Thanks, guys.

Everywhere we slept – sandbars, beach or cabins – we saw bear and moose prints. Sometimes they looked like old prints and other times they looked pretty fresh. :open_mouth:

It’s just amazing how you can contour-fly most all of the state, just a few feet above the trees or rivers and not have to worry about power lines or man made obstructions.

I think the best way I can summarize Alaska for fellow pilots is that it is the biggest, most fun and fascinating playground for Super Cubs imaginable.

Disney World for grownups!

Very impressive…I must say that I am jealous as I would love to do a trip like that!

Great Photos too!!

This is very inspiring. I will be flying a super cub to AK next summer to visit my daughter who just moved there. The pictures are great.

Flying the S-Cub up there, from where? Have you been there before? Shaun just got back from a week of training with Loni, the wheel plane guru of AK, and should have a few more pix up soon.


Looking forward to it with great anticipation Norm.

James the Elder

FYI, Shaun has just put up some more pics of a trip to the southwest of Anchorage. On this trip he told me he saw tons of wildlife and that all the vegetation has suddenly really greened up.

He’s planning on entering AOPA’s photo contest (deadline in Sept) – I think he might just win something!


Great pix Norm, tell him we said thanks!

I hope he wins something.

The guys over at are loving his site too. Called it “airplane porn”! :open_mouth: :laughing:


Then I guess I went to an ‘airplane orgy’ this past wknd.

Took this about 8 years ago in the Brooks Range. Shaun’s blog is really inspiring me to go back. Hope I can make it there sometime soon…

Shaun has been working to pay for his play but he’s also been playing. He has some new pics posted. Incredible photos!

He’s headed home tomorrow.