ICAO Format FP's

Do you file ICAO format FP’s as required by the FAA for the assignment of RNAV Departures and Arrivals?

I do not see where you ask for the ICAO RNAV Capability data for the aircraft.

I’d also like to up the anti on ajw22’s question.

I had figured the flight planner would pick the “highest” nav capability say GPS over DME in my aircraft profile so I never gave a second thought to his question, but lets say my GPS was inop and I needed to file /A or even /U since I wouldn’t have the /G capability.

Should this capability of “choice” be built in the flight planner input screens? OR alert the user what their filing status is and build in the option to change the nav capability before filing?

Yes, we only file ICAO flight plans with the FAA. When you setup your aircraft, we ask every question that covers RNAV/RNP as well as other ICAO pertinent questions such as survivail equipment, dinghies, ELTs, etc.

Currently, you’ll have to un-check any inoperative equipment in the aircraft setup. With ICAO flight plans, we include all available equipment rather than just a single suffix to indicate it.

So, for example, rather than filing “C560/R,” we’ll file “C560/M VRGD/D” – a new ability thanks to the ICAO flight plans.

Awesome! Can’t get any easier then that.

Saves me looking up the silly slant codes!

You do not ask the questions to determine ICAO FPL Item 18.

See faa.gov/about/office_org/hea … g/general/

Agree. Investigating.