/Equipment code Selection


How do you select the /equipment code for the aircraft?

You don’t ask if my aircraft is RVSM capable to properly select the code (/J, /K, /L, /Q, /W).

You also don’t ask about FMS or RNP navigation (/E, /F, /R).


Hi, ajw22.

I sort of covered this in the other thread although it’s possible we’re missing something. We ask for all the details in the ICAO spec including RNP. I do not see FMS in the ICAO spec.

It is my understanding that /J /K /L /Q are FAA flight plan specific codes not relevant to ICAO flight plans.

We will now ask about RVSM and will file “W” along with the rest of the equipment codes.

What do you think?




How does this look:

And then we’ll add “NAV/RNVD1E2A1” or whatever to the remarks based on the input.

Thanks for your observations and suggestions.


Looks like you are asking all the right questions now. We’ll have to see how you put it together for the FP.

I have not seen any other Flight Planner filing the ICAO equipment codes instead of the FAA equipment codes on ICAO FPs. I don’t know what confusion that may cause with controllers seeing different codes then they expect. I have seen US controller confusion on aircraft capabilities with ICAO FP’s filed in Mexico and the Caribbean.


Thanks, ajw22.

It seems odd that we switch to ICAO and then make a bunch of special changes in remarks, right?

Also, we are adding questions for RNP4 and RNP10.


It seems odd that we switch to ICAO and then make a bunch of special changes in remarks, right?

ICAO is the worldwide standard. It does not mean ICAO got everything right.

I think these RNAV RNP stuff is primarily a US ATC issue that had to be fit somewhere in the ICAO format.


Fair enough. Either way, we should be squared away with RNAV1, RNAV2, RNAV PTP, RNP4, RNP10, and RVSM now.


Glad I could help.

Did you see my comment in one of these threads about needing to be able to edit the selected route?


Yep, we’re talking about how to handle that. It won’t be this weekend, I don’t think, but I understand.

For now, you can use “simple file” to paste in the route you’ve chosen.