IATA code and Flight Status


I have two questions about the Flight XML API.

  1. How can I get all the 3 letters IATA code of all airports?

  2. How can I know the status of specific flight through the API? like Scheduled, Cancelled, Arrived, Delayed.

  1. We will have a way for you to download our entire database of airport codes in the near future. FlightXML alone does not provide access to find the IATA codes for airports, although it will accept requests made using IATA code when there is no ambiguity.

  2. The status can be determined by looking at the fields returned by FlightInfoEx.

actualdeparturetime = -1 means Cancelled.
actualarrivaltime > 0 means Arrived.
actualdeparturetime > 0 means Departed.
estimatedarrivaltime > (filed_departuretime + filed_ete + 15 minutes) means Delayed.
otherwise Scheduled.


Thanks for the answer.

So is the service of downloading the entire database of airport codes free of charge?
Do you have any rough schedule about when would this service be available?