Getting IATA codes for Scheduled flights

Is it possible to get the IATA airport codes out of the API?

Basically I see them here: (EGGD / BRS) - but I can’t seem to get the three letter code form the API at all.

I want BRS instead of EGGD in this case.


Unfortunately we don’t show IATA for airports, we have a strong preference for ICAO because IATA codes have conflicts/shared by different airports…and we don’t even include IATA.
At least this is how we have it in the current FlightXML version, but I think this could be a good suggestion for future versions.
So for now would have to map ICAO to IATA yourself.

Ok. Do you know of a resource/list where I can get the required mappings?

I’d need Europe only.

Are you intending the use the AirlineFlightSchedules call or other calls?
For AirlineFlightSchedules, the good news is that you can request data by IATA airport code. That way you can sort of build your ICAO-IATA mappings, or just keep using the IATA you requested.

For example here I request schedules for Charles de Gaulle:



Does this help?