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Questions about FlightXML REST API


I tried to find answers in API explorer but…I still have some questions:

  1. When I call DecodeFlightRoute I receive a list where I can find origin and destination airport by type - ‘Origin Airport’ or ‘Destination Airport’. Is it possible to find intermediate airports in the list ?
    Do they have some distinct type value ?

  2. I see in the documentation that DecodeRoute and DecodeFlightRoute return ‘originally planned route of travel, which may differ slightly from the actual flight path flown’. Is it possible to get actual path using the API?

  3. How can I find that the flight was cancelled? Based on documentation I see I can make some query using SearchBirdseyeInFlight, but maybe I can do it easier.

  4. Is it possible to convert ICAO airport code to IATA code ?



  1. Flights are tracked per leg. If a Flight number stops at an intermediate airport it will be tracked as two distinct flights, each with a unique faFlightID.

  2. The endpoints GetHistoricalTrack and GetLastTrack return a set of position reports that represent the actual path flown.

  3. Cancelled flights will appear in FlightInfoEx with actualdeparturetime, estimatedarrivaltime and actualarrivaltime all set to -1

  4. In general FlightXML will only send responses using ICAO identifiers. Conversion would have to be done after receiving the query response.