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I want to fly on a Boeing 727, but how?

Hey guys,

I’ve recently fallen in love with the Boeing 727 and have decided that i need to ride on one before they’re all gone. I’m 21 years old and have never been on a 727, only the 737 and apparently a 767 (so my parents say).

I live in Rhode Island, which isn’t a very busy airport, serving mostly smaller planes on transcontinental routes. I check out flight tracker on a daily basis and have found that Fedex has a 727 land here maybe 3 or 4 times a week, but have never actually been able to see one land/take off. But besides Fedex, there are no other airlines that fly the 727 here. Actually, besides Fedex and Capital Cargo, NO other airlines seem to fly the 727 here or anywhere else in the US for that matter…

Every once and a while i’ll do a search for ALL 727’s flying in the US, and one or two “unknown owner” or “charter” flights will be present, but i have no idea how to fetch a ride on one. And i’ve thought about contacting Fedex to see if they’d let me tag along on a flight, but my research tells me i’d need to be a Fedex employee to do so (which i am not).

Can anyone suggest a way i can fly on a 727 without having to fly across country or risk my life with a no-name airline? My desire to fly one of these beautiful birds is pretty strong but i can’t risk my life or my savings to do so. Any input would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


I believe there was another thread on this same topic recently, but couldn’t find it with a quick search. The long and short of it was there are no commercial airlines in the US still flying them, only cargo and charter operators. There are a few airlines outside the US using them, but most are not very reputable, or in good parts of the world. I would say unless you were part of a group with the money and reason to charter on of the few operating in the US (not exactly a cheap way to go at all), you are out of luck.

To be honest though, riding in the back of one airliner is just the same as another. It might mean something to you (I’ve been there), but truth be told one tube looks just like another tube.

That’s what she said 8)

If memory serves, a company in Las Vegas sells parabola flights using 727s. Probably significantly cheaper and safer than taking a ride in Africa somewhere. Not necessarily more exciting but cheaper and safer.

The 727 is a sweet looking airplane and I lost my aviation cherry on one owned by PSA. That was a sweet airline.

A nice 727 is available for charter at KONT (Ontario CA) via a FBO in KSNA Orange County.

Frank Holbert

Well if you have an extra $600,000 laying around you could buy the former NJ Devils 727. Or if you only have $250,000 there are some other 727s available. But I’m pretty sure both of those options are too expensive.

I think this issue (falling in love with an airplane) should be nominated for inclusion to the DSM-5.


(Not that I don’t understand…I have this thing for the f-14…)

I think everyone in this forum would have signs of that disorder. . .

I’m not sure if the position gets to fly but maybe getting a job as a ramp agent for FedEx could get you into one of those birds. You could even get the opportunity to work them.

Ditto. Except I was flying Eastern Airlines.

Man i miss seeing those beautiful Champion Air 727’s at lambert.

Hm, i think you guys are right, it’s too much trouble to go across the world to fly in one. I DO however want to go at least see one in person, go inside, just look around.

I’ve talked a few friends into the idea of going to the museum of flight in WA to see the #1 727. I’ve got some videos of the test flights for the #1 back in 1963, it would be SO cool to see and touch it in person! The #1 was a test plane for a while, then purchased by United who kept it for its entire life. They painted it in its original livery and donated it a few years ago.

At present i’m wearing a T-shirt with the #1 727 in the united uniform, got it online lol.

Yup its here along with the American one. Last I seen it is still up in everett getting refurbished.

NOW that being said, Ive been in the refurbish area, and if your really nice they sometimes give a walk through and if your really really nice they might take you on the 727.

The American Airlines is at the air park display across the street from the Museum and they used to have ladders to some of the airplanes so you can walk into t. Dunno if the 727 is included.

AND if your really really nice and you do decide to come out contact me and Ill send you some free passes to the Museum (Im a member and I get 5 a year to give out)

If I still got some around :slight_smile:.

Yeah that is probably the only way to get a ride on a 727 now.


First Air of Canada had two 727-200 Combi’s that they used on scheduled service but the last was retired in March. At that time, it was the last 727 operating scheduled passenger flights anywhere in North America.

Hope you get to ride on one, the 727 was a lot of fun to fly in.


aircraftdealer.com/aircraft_ … /28205.htm

:smiling_imp: :wink:

hello chris, your love of the old three holer is admirable! I too was smitten with her as a kid, had models of her eventually fulfilled a life’s dream of being an airline pilot. So, I flew the B727 extensively and loved every minute; I can tell you, that it is a pilots airplane, was stable and flew very well. Landings could occasionally catch you off guard, especially the stretch versions. All in all, I loved every hour of flying her. Good luck in finding a ride, sit behind the wing and marvel at Boeing’s wizardry in triple slotted flaps leading edge devices and ailerons high speed and low…remarkable airplane.

I believe that you can still see B727s at Hamilton International (CYHM). I’ll check.

That would be slumming it! If you wanna go in style, you can buy The Donald’s 727!

I think the interior is probably worth 10 times the value of the actual plane. Probably why it’s been for sale for so long.

Anyone else find it strange that the first photo in that ad is from Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Not so much strange as it is cool! I mean, well… having your own private 727 is over-the-top cool, but then having a flight sim of that plane puts a little icing on the cake.