I show you mine, show me yours (local virtual radar)




hi… what do I do for share my sites (7 in two countries) like yours?


I assume there is a tutorial somewhere that would help me share my local virtual server like you have. Could someone direct me to that tutorial?


Not sure if this is what you are referring to, but you can port forward the RPi home network IP address in the router to a specific port. This way the dump1090-fa sky map is viewable from the internet by entering (public IP):port number.

The one possible problem is, if your public IP changes often, you will need a dynamic DNS host to keep track of the changes. My current ISP has never changed my IP, so I don’t need it for now.

It’s also a good idea to lock the home network IP of the RPi to the RPi MAC address, this way the home network IP won’t change when the home router’s DHCP lease expires.


Dxista’s right.

And if you have a fixed IP address, you could get a domain name, I got mine for £20 ish.


Here is my Virtual Radar. I have data being fed into it as well to expand coverage. Receiver “Piaware” is mine and generally gets 150 mi coverage. I actually use my radar deal at work alot to help with flights incoming.