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Easy way to share your PiAware SkyAware map with others?

I would like to share my SkyAware map with my family overseas, to let them be able to see the aircraft I am directly detecting on FA. Especially for the younger ones, I think this would give them a more in-depth interest in what ADS-B can reveal, than describing to them just the setup I currently have (which they may well find fascinating in and of itself).

I’ve looked over the forums a little, but I did not see anything relevant in my searching (this may be from the search terms used, and not that the information is nonexistent on the forums).

Is there an easy way to share with others the SkyAware map, detailing the same as I can get in my browser via my local RPi IP?

A link I can send them would be ideal, but if there is some sort of tunneling required then I am up for that too (whether the adults overseas would view this with interest I have in accomplishing it, is a question I’ll broach with them another day).

Your device is operating the map via web interface. So you will need to open your local router to access from outside and use a DynDNS service in case your router is getting a new IP adress from your provider.

Then the visitors are using this DynDNS adress and (if set up properly) they have the same view than you.

Be aware that you can open your network to the public if you are not setting it up properly

Here is how I set up external access to a SkyAware map on my RPi.

In router map a port to port 8080 on your RPi - * 7003 to 8080 where

  • is for any incoming IP
    7003 is the external port used to access the map
    IP of the RPi
    SkyAware port
    (each router will have its own way of mapping a port)

From an external browser access the SkyAware map by entering

A final word of caution. If you have more than the RPi on your network you should isolate the RPi from the rest of your network. I do this by setting up a guest WiFi ssid for the RPi to connect to. A guest WiFi has full access to the internet but no access to the local network.

edit - I’m connected to my ISP via DHCP but my IP has not changed in over 15 years so it may as well be a static IP. My ISP requires a commercial account ($$$) for a static IP.

As already posted, at the simplest you can just port forward and give your family the IP & port number. The problem here is that if your IP address changes you’ll need to send another link. DynDNS would fix this.

My setup uses a reverse proxy and Dynamic DNS to give me a nice looking link…

Most consumer routers will have some sort of DynamicDNS but I don’t think many will allow reverse proxying.