I feel like a noob on airport to airport flight tracking

Is this possible, lets say all flights between MSY and BWI?

I can’t imagine that I am the only one that is coming up with this question and search with key words of flight and tracking and between and airports didn’t reveal anything to me.

I’m able to do this elsewhere, but not here.

Click “Don’t know the flight number?” on the left side.



Crap, that is probably the only link I didn’t click :smiley: Can that be turned into an orange button like the other clickable links? Too easy to miss!

It’s been in the same location for years. It’s very easy to see, although maybe not very intuitive when looking for all flights between any two given airports. Making it an orange button would make it too crowded in that area. It should also teach you to look carefully at each item and click on it to see what it does.

As I always tell people learning new stuff on the computer: Play around and experiment. See what each item on the menu does.

FOR YOU… Obviously my eyesight must not be as sharp as yours and I just had them tested today for my FAA medical renewal and passed that test.

Two buttons below airport name. Too crowded for that too? IN MY OPINION, continuity is important. If buttons are used for clickable links, it should be used throughout.

Gee thanks Dami. Please, do me a favor, contribute in a positive way that I can learn something…

Umm, did you forget my background??? Why do you even bother posting and telling me what to do? Nothing productive you said above that I even learned from.

You could have stopped at sentence one voicing your opinion and that is all that would have been needed.

Here’s why I posted what I did:

  1. To let others know (not necessarily just you!) that it is possible to find all active flights between any two given airport by clicking on a link that has been there for years.

  2. To voice my opinion that it would make it crowded to add an orange button in that area. Addendum: Unless they add another line to make the orange button possible then it would cut into advertising area. (By the way: using the excuse that you just got your eyes examined has nothing to do with seeing the link. Try adjusting the size of your fonts on the screen. I don’t have perfect eyesight yet I can see it very well.)

  3. To let others (again, necessarily not just you!) that they shouldn’t fear clicking a button

  4. Perhaps the main reason was to confirm what I’ve known for many years. If I or someone else posts something that you don’t agree with or think are attacking you personally that you will reply by ranting and shouting. I hope your ranting and shouting helps to lower your blood pressure. :slight_smile:
    My only disppointment: What took you so long to reply?

No, I didn’t forget your background. You are a computer “guru” for some unnamed government agency that doesn’t contribute to the well-being of the US of A.

What was wrong with answer that was provided at discussions.flightaware.com/view … 7547#87547 ? That answered the question. So, what additional information did you add that others could learn from?

Umm, did you not type?

**Note the bolded text. ** Sure look like you were telling me what to do?

No, I said you could have stopped at your first sentence and voiced your opinion. I wouldn’t have even responded as YES, I do even respect your opinion. NOTE respect and agree mean two different things.

Yep, typical response from you. Bunch of words with nothing to back up your statements about my non contributions. **Would you care to prove what you say? ** I don’t talk down on you or your personality.

Continued at discussions.flightaware.com/view … 7569#87569

I have to side with Allen on this issue. The visual design of FA pages is definitely not optimal, and part of the problem is the heterogeneity of different widgets (buttons, generic links, form-fields, etc.). I’ve said so before.

For example, the generic link for “Don’t know the flight number?” has much less visual impact that the orange buttons above and below it. It’s nestled in with the label “Airport Code:” too – active with inactive text. It is definitely NOT easy to see unless you know already.

There are actually 4 distinct queries being offered in the grey box (airports have a 4a and 4b), but visually the impression is only three buttons, because 4a and 4b look like one button (actually, they could be). So the third query, “Don’t know…”, the only one without an orange button, really gets lost in the soup.

Similarly, in the top bar, the six links top-center and the three that are boxed in the corner are of similar weight, but the “Live Flight Tracking” visual and the line both tend to sequester the three in the corner, and actually keep you from looking at them. Those three would be MUCH better as colored buttons.

So just because the pages have been that way for years, and the deans of FA all are comfortable with it now, doesn’t mean it’s a good thing for everyone.

I think it’d be great if FA could find some cash to hire a small number of web consultants or graphic designers to get ideas for a better layout. I have some faith that it can be greatly improved with a few simple changes.

Here is the link I use which brings up two blank fields to input the city-pairs of your choice:


Now, for the last 2/3 of this thread: