Getting Flights Between Airports

First, I like this site quite a bit, it’s fun tracking different flights as well as seeing pictures and other information.

Most of my time on here is spent in researching flights in and out of certain airports. After getting each commercial, and often GA, flight from a field, I then program them into my flight simulator so that I’m flying with real world flights. Yes, you can buy add-ons that do this, but I have fun with the research and programming.

One feature I use heavily is flights between airports. Say I find a flight leaving my home airport, KDSM, to a large hub, like KORD. I will go to that flight’s information and then click the link “other flights between these destinations.” It makes it easy to find all an airline’s flights between two destinations in both directions. Unfortunately, it looks like this feature was removed this past week, all I see now is “KDSM >> KORD” instead of the link.

What was once a fun, pleasurable activity has now gone to insanely time consuming and difficult. The only way around this I’ve found is to have two screens up, one with an airport’s departures and another with the arrivals, and go through each individual flight. Is it possible to reinstate the “other flights between these destinations” feature? At this rate, it could take days to get everything from one small city, let alone a major airport like KDEN or KORD.

Please, make it an option again for those of us that use it. Thank you.

Did you try the “forgot the flight number” link in the left sidebar under “airline flight tracker”?

Please search the forum before starting a new thread. This is being discussed at … =3&t=14773

Sorry, I did search, but the other one didn’t come up. Thanks for the link.

As has been mentioned elsewhere in the forum, the best way to search the forum is to use Google. add “site:” to the end of your keywords