Tracking flights between 2 airports


I don’t visit this site all that often, but since last time I visited, there doesn’t seem to be a way to view flights between 2 airports. The landing page I had for FA allowed you to enter two airport identifiers and then you would see the map with all the flights to and from those airports. Now, when I enter the departure city and arrival city, all I get is flight schedules of all the flights between the airports, not the actual flight map. What am I missing?


Then you click on the flight number and you get the map.




Flight Finder doesn’t show a map with all flights between 2 given airports.


Okay, I think I see what you were getting at. Until recently, you could use the “Don’t Know The Flight #?” button, put in two airports, then select a flight to get a map for that flight, THEN select “ALL FLIGHTS BETWEEN THESE AIRPORTS” to get a map showing all flights in the air at that time between those airports. That does not seem to be happening now.


Is this the page you are looking for?

(oops, already mentioned above)


Is this the page you are looking for?

Well, the link above seems to be the new page FA is using. All I want to do is put in two cities, ie: Kjfk as departure and Klax as arrival and then the FA map would come up and I could see all the flights that were enroute between the two airports. Now, all I get is a listing of the scheduled flights, not a map of the flights in progress.[/quote]


Just because something is improved doesn’t mean it’s useful. This new flight finder is definitely not useful.

Example: I picked ATL-HOU for the route. I cleared the alliances check boxes but kept all of the operators boxes checked. Now one would reasonably figure this would show all operators It didn’t. It showed NO operators. Usefulness: Zilch



Agreed. Please, can’t we have a page map showing all of the airborne flights between two airports? I used to use KATL-KLAX as a city-pair and it was very useful to see what flights were on that route and where they were relative to departure and arrival airfields. Please??? Thanks!!!


I will also vote for the map option. The list is awesomely complete, but I want to SEE all the flights on a map, and click on them or hover over them for further information. Thanks.


We removed the map because it was often blank (no flights en route on many routes) or missing (it didn’t support city codes at all like WAS CHI ZHU ZLA etc) so we thought the space was better used with an enhanced search form. We’ve only seen a small number of requests to reinstate it, while we’ve seen a huge improvement in conversion rate (getting people to the flight they want to track) with the new page.


I think the page is a little busted.

I go to:

and then I change the origin to KBWI and the dest to TJSJ and get: … ationName=

and the data in the page is still MMUN to KBWI.


It’s a bug we found yesterday when you enter from a flight page and the airports are in the URL. The workaround is to go to instead and then use the search form.