Flight Finder "improved" but NOT


It use to be so simple. Enter origin airport, enter destination airport, find the flights from origin to destination. This data were returned within a second or two.


I entered KLAX and EDDF. Every possible combination of flights was shown. I go to FlightAware to find flights from point A to B. If I want to find all possible flights, including connecting flights, then I’ll go to kayak.com or expedia.

Thank you.


On routes with limited or no nonstop service, we show the nonstops first followed by one stop options we suspect are popular. Performance was a big concern and we’ve kept the page generation time to 2 seconds.

We’ve been watching the analytics closely and have found this results in more people finding a flight than the previous nonstop only system.


The nonstop flights are listed at the top, just like the old functionality.


I know that. I just don’t see the use for a flight *tracker *to show flights other than nonstop flights. It takes longer for the screen to refresh due to the extra items.