I don't want to be 'headless'. How to do it?

Is it possible to image an SD card with the full Raspbian Stretch with desktop, and then install Piaware and/or ADS-B Receiver Project to run all the time like in a headless configuration?

Basically, I want to be able to reach a remote RPi on my network using VNC, and use the Raspbian Desktop, while the ADS-B ‘business’ runs in the background. If I need to make changes to the ADS-B side of things, I’ll open a terminal window.


Yes, see the link. I will be doing the same at some point because I also use VNC and find the free license in Raspbian very useful. Or I might treat myself to a new B+ and keep the B as a dedicated PiAware box after all.

Shameless plug incoming…
Install a fresh copy of Raspbian Stretch (not the lite version) and use my scripts.

Or try using the image supplied by FlightAware then after setup add the GUI.
sudo apt-get install -y raspberrypi-ui-mods rpi-chromium-mods

Save money on SD cards and buy a Western Digital PiDrive or any other external USB HDD drive for that matter. They osts 30 to 50 dollars and my PiDrive has been running 2 years plus. Only thing the SD card in my RPi holds is the boot partition which except for updates is not really written to. As a matter of fact the SD card in my device has been running as long as the PiDrive.

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Note that you boot a RPi 3 from a USB disk now and do away with the SDcard entirely. I’ve not tried this with the PiAware image (but I will at some point), and you will need to use a decent 2.5A PSU to support the USB ports.

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Interesting, I’d like instructions on how, or is it just the latest model? (I currently boot from SD and run everything off usb or ssd, but would like to ditch sd-card completely)

See the video that I linked

never knew that, i’ll give it a go - thanks

Let us know how you get on, especially if you’re using the PiAware image!