Raspian Repository



In my sources list I have the following ‘Jessie’ entry.

http://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/files/packages jessie InRelease

Is this still valid?



If you do an apt-get update + apt-get install it will grab the latest software for your OS version.
If you have jessie you will get the latest piaware software made for jessie.
If you have stretch you will get the latest piaware software made for stretch.
The OS knows what versions it is running.

Even though the latest piaware software will run on either OS version, we recommend that everyone move over to stretch with the latest PiAware software (piaware 3.6.2).
This can be done by downloading 3.6.2 SD card image. This image will include stretch + latest piaware and will work on any Raspberry Pi board.


access to my card is not easy. Will there be another way to cross over to Stretch?


Unlikely, you’ll need to reimage.

If you can’t easily reimage then we do still support jessie
(though your sources.list looks mangled if that’s a direct quote, that doesn’t look like a valid line)


Just for the record, there are instructions in the web how to do an “upgrade” to stretch, I tried this on my secondary Pi, and it did not work at all and left my image install of Piaware broken.

I this case, that was not a problem, as I could easily reimage, but if your feeder is difficult to access, I’d rather stay with jessie and upgrade at a convenient moment.