RASPBIAN STRETCH + 3.5.1 = works


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I tried to install 3.5 on different Jessie versions but encountered showstoppers. Much to my joy, last night I tried again with the current Raspbian Stretch (Version:September 2017) and all the instructions on http://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/install worked like a charm.

Have a good one.

Hello Everyone,

Just started experimenting with Raspberry pi, after going through the posts in the discussions forum and following the instruction, had successfully completed the setup and started the feed for flightaware and fr24.

My Setup

  1. Raspberry pi 3 model B
  3. Cheap RTL SDR dongle with supplied antenna
  4. dump1090-fa
  5. piaware 3.5.1( flightaware feeder)
  6. fr24feed 1.0.18-9 (flightradar24 feeder)


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