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How to transfer the B station ADS-B data to station A

Hello, everyone
I have two stations, A and B.
Station A is the main site
Station B is the secondary site

I want the B station to receive ADS-B data.
Transfer data to station A

How can I set up B station?
My B station is erected with Raspberry Pi

A station currently mainly shares ADS-B data to Flightaware, Flightradar24, Planefinder, Radarbox.

How to transfer the B station ADS-B data to station A

(1) If you combine data of two stations, and then feed the combined data to Flightaware, then mlat will not work.

(2) If combined data is not fed to Flightaware, but used for some other purpose (such as display on map), while stations A & B feed their data independently to Flightaware, then mlat will work.

(2) Are the two stations on same network (LAN) or on different network?

1.OK,I understand

2.So the B Station needs to independently register a new ID?

SITE 60905 – RCMQ----A

3.Station A and Station B are different networks, not regional networks.

To get an id for station B, you have to use a computer connected to same local network (LAN) to which station B is connected.

From this computer, login to your Flightaware account, then go to following page and follow instructions: