Send piaware feeder data to another piaware feeeder

How do I send piaware feeder data to another piaware feeeder? Both feeders are Raspberry Pis and are running piaware 7.1.

I have two feeders set up and running on my network. One has an outside antenna ( and the other has an indoor antenna ( I want to configure the feeder with the outside antenna to send data to the feeder with the inside antenna. This setup will allow me to test if the feeder with the inside antenna displays all the flights sent to it by the outside feeder.

I have been trying with netcat:
nc 30002 | nc 30001

But, flight data does not appear to be getting received at the inside feeder.

Any help would be appreciated.


You do not need Piaware for it. This is only required if you want to upload the data from that second networking feeder to Flightaware. I would also avoid a combined feed, this will cause MLAT issues.

Not sure if dump1090 has a network option, but the alternative decoder readsb is capable to forward the feed to a different device.

I do have a Radarcape device running, but performance graphs are limited. So i use a second Raspberry device, picking up the stream via Readsb and let this Raspberry calculate the graphs

You can try this: GitHub - wiedehopf/combine1090: Combine data from multiple ADS-B receivers into one readsb decoder / tar1090 webinterface

Thank you. This works good, but it doesn’t appear to combine the feeder data on Flightaware.
I would like to send my Tucson,AZ feeder data to my Los Angeles feeder and have the Los Angeles report the additional data to Flightaware.

That would mean MLAT stops working.
Feeding combined data is not allowed or at least discouraged.
You need to feed both receivers separately.

I would like to send my Tucson,AZ feeder data to my Los Angeles area feeder and have the Los Angeles report the additional data to Flightaware.

Thanks again. It is still pretty cool to be able to display my two feeders on the same map.

So, I am using a test feeder at my house to verify that combine1090 is working. Now I need to install combine1090 on my Los Angeles feeder. Do I need to port forward 30005 and 30105 on my LA router?
Once configured, I will share data between the two feeders and give my users one map to see both feeder’s data.

You can install combine1090 at one location and then do the port forwards at the other location.
There are other ways like zerotier or ssh tunnels if you want something a bit more restrictive.
On the other hand it’s not secret data so … whatever.

Please don’t feed combined data to FlightAware; run a separate instance of piaware at each site that reports only data from that site. If you want to separately combine the data for display, that’s fine - just avoid feeding combined data.

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