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Feeding Piaware data feeder from another device

I have piaware and dump1090 installed on a Pi. I stopped dump1090 and want to feed piaware on port 30005 from a decoder on another device on same local network. The other device has option to feed data on LAN. I set in other device host IP of Pi (, and Port 30005, but no luck. Piaware says “no programm listenning on port 30005”

The other device is my Android Phone, and the decoder is Avare ADSB.

Any thoughts why piaware does not get data stream from my phone?



Piaware generally wants to initiate an outbound connection to whatever is providing the data. It looks like maybe that app doesn’t support accepting connections from other devices. You might need to do something with e.g. socat to accept connections from both sides and bridge the two.

edit: also, it says “UDP” which is not promising. No support in piaware for receiving data over UDP.

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If anything you’d have to use dump1090-fa in net-only mode.

Then you could establish a connection to push data.
But it would need to be a TCP connection.

Also if it’s AVR format, you’d have to enable the AVR / raw in:
--net-ri-port <ports> TCP raw input listen ports (default: 30001)
In the default configuration that port is disabled.

As the format isn’t documented, it could either be beast (in: 30004) or avr (in: 30001)

But as stated, if it’s using UDP all of that won’t work.
I suppose you could use socat to redirect the data, not sure if and how that would work.

In regards to socat you could try this:
socat UDP-RECVFROM:39999,fork TCP:localhost:30001

Point avares at port 39999

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Thanks @obj and @wiedehopf for quick responce.

The situation is confusing, and requires trial & error. Luckily I have installed an android terminal “Termux” using which I can install socat on my phone, and can issue Linux commands for creating a socat pipe to RPi.

Typing on the phone, ughhh.

The socat command i gave above is for the RPi.

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Yes, true, but phone is the only choice when not at home (I dont like to carry a tablet or laptop when on move).

Well changing the dump1090-fa configuration is not gonna work without at least using SSH to the RPi.

Also not saying it’s impossible, it’s just ugly :slight_smile:

No problem, my phone is fully equipped: Terminal client Termux and SSH client JuiceSSH :wink:


I have Flightaware’s FlightScanner ver 2.0.29’s .apk file. I now installed FlightScanner on my phone using this file.

It used to work ok on my previous phone Samsung S6, but in current model Samsung S8, it does not work. It had settings suitable to feed piaware on a RPi in the same LAN through TCP.



On September 15, 2016 all official support for the FlightFeeder app for Android was discontinued,


I know that, but the last version 2.0.29 still worked on my Samsung S6 till last year (2018). Now I have changed phone to S8 (and of course newer version of Android), and it does not work on newer system.

Apart from this, the FlightScanner App was well designed and if it was still working, could feed Pi by TCP Beast 30005.

Was just confused why you posted all the pictures of it not working if you know why it doesn’t work.

I installed it on new phone only few minutes before posting the pictures, and only then discoved that it does not work on new phone. Even then I posted the pictures just to show the difference between Avare and FlightScanner data sharing methods.

Since FA FlightScanner is open source with source code available (at Github, I think), It may still be possible to compile it on current hardware/software versions. Unfortunately I dont know how to compile .apk package from source code. :slightly_frowning_face:

Ok, I will try to find my old phone (it is over one year I have purchased Samsung S8 and stopped using S6). Hopefully FlightScanner is still working on it.