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How-to Install Pro Stick & DVB-T on Windows

help I have got the prostick and the separate filter I wish to install this on my windows 10 laptop any help given I will be gratefull

The most important software you have to install is the Window’s driver for the DVB-T/Prostick. It is called “zadig”.

For Windows Laptop, the Software required are as follows:


Driver zadig.exe for DVB-T RTL-SDR - download and install instructions here:

(1) Download Zadig 2.3.exe from http://zadig.akeo.ie/.

(2) Plug the DVB-T or ProStick in your Laptop.

(3) Double click Zadig 2.3.exe to run it.

Follow the steps shown on screenshots below:












Decoder Option-1: dump1090 (MR) for windows.

Download link:

(1) Unzip the downloaded .zip file. You will get a folder “dump1090-master”.

(2) Inside the folder “dump1090-master”, you will find another zip file “dump1090-win.1.10.3010.14.zip”. Unzip it and enter this unzipped folder and double click “dump1090.bat” to start the decoder.





Decoder Option-2: modeSDeco2

Download and install instructions here:

(1) Download modesdeco2_windows_20170127.zip from http://xdeco.org/?page_id=306
(2) Unzip
(3) Open unzipped folder, and take steps as shown in the screenshot below



(4) Double click the file Run_Decoder.bat. A terminal will open



(5) Open browser and type localhost:8088 and press Enter key. You can see map and flight table



Decoder Option-3: RTL1090

Download & install instructions here:
http://rtl1090.web99.de/ OR http://rtl1090.com/

Choose "RTL1090 “SCOPE” BETA VERSION 3 (151) "
Download link: http://planevision.de/download/rtl1090.beta3.zip





RTL1090 Scope 4b




Currently Flightaware does not have any Data Feeder software for Windows. The Linux version for Raspberry Pi is available.

Other sites like Planefinder and Flightradar have datafeeder for Windows. You can download the data feeders from respective sites.


Thank you for your assistance everything running ok using rtl1090 connected to virtual radar server 2.4

The modeSDeco2 does NOT show registration.

I Googled and found solution: The Aircraft don’t transmit Registration. A database was built originally by Basestation which contains ICAO vs Registration. This database file was available from Kinetic site, as well as Planeplotter site and VRS sites.

I have just now downloaded “BaseStation.sqb” from VRS site

I saved the downloaded zip file in Downloads folder “C:\Users\abcd\Downloads\BaseStation.zip”. Then unzipped the downloaded file.
The location of unzipped file “BaseStation.sqb” is “C:\Users\abcd\Downloads\BaseStation\BaseStation.sqb”.
I then added following entry in the batch file “Run_Decoder.bat”

 --db C:\Users\abcd\Downloads\BaseStation\BaseStation.sqb 

Now both the map & flight table are showing Registration.

My Run_Decoder.bat file after addition of database entry is as given below:

@echo off
cmd /c modesdeco2.exe --gain 49.6 --freq-correction 62 --location 43.5xxx:-79.6xxx --web 8088 --db C:\Users\abcd\Downloads\BaseStation\BaseStation.sqb --beast 30005 --msg 30003 --sbs10001 10001




you can also create a Debian Linux Virtual Machine, say, 16gb
and install flightaware / piaware there.
then you will also have MLAT .

and if it breaks down you can always rebuild it :wink:

Hi abcd567 and all

in step # 4 “(4) Double click the file Run_Decoder.bat. A terminal will open” when I run it my Run_decoder.bat has an error as the below message
2019-02-08 19:41:02.777 INFO ModeSDeco2 v.20180429
2019-02-08 19:41:02.782 INFO The magnetic declination value is calculated
2019-02-08 19:41:02.856 INFO Device: 0 already in use)
usb_open error -12
2019-02-08 19:41:02.913 ERROR Can’t open device: sdr_open(): No error
Press any key to continue . . .

and my Run_decoder.bat is:

@echo off
cmd /c modesdeco2.exe --gain 49.6 --freq-correction 62 --location 1x.81:1yy.68 --web 8088 --db C:\Soft\FlightAware\BaseStation\BaseStation.sqb --beast 30005 --msg 30003 --sbs10001 10001

Could you please help me to check why? and how to fix it? Thanks

The error says the device is already in use.

Maybe you have another copy opened already?
Try after a reboot and tell us if that fixed it.

Maybe you are trying to use more than one decoder?
Are you running dump1090 or rtl1090 as well?
Only use one of those three: modeSDeco2 RTL1090 dump1090 (MR)

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Thanks for your advice. Now I can run the Run_decoder.bat file and get this picture but not like yours?

--gain -10 --freq-correction 0

Might improve things a bit.

Mostly your reception is bad, most likely related to your antenna and antenna position.

For a start you could read this thread: Three Easy DIY Antennas for Beginners

Apart from that if you don’t have a clear line of sight to the aircraft you probably can’t receive it.
So buildings and trees block reception.
For good reception the antenna needs to be on the very top of a building.
Or if placed in a window you will only have good reception in one direction.

But if other buildings are higher then reception will still be poor.

Thanks for your kind advice. You are quite right, I now will start from my antena

An alternate site to download modeSDeco2


Note: ModeSDeco2 map now needs Google Api Key, otherwise a dark map with water marks is displayed. Same is situation with dump1090 (Malcol Robb).

Map problem can be solved by installing VRS on Windows. The VRS has options:

  • Display Google map (needs a Google key)
  • Display OpenStreet map (no key required)

As VRS does NOT have a receiver-decoder software, it will require either RTL1090 or ModeSDeco2 or dump1090_win32 to receieve & decode the data of the dongle, and then feed it to VRS.

Thanks for your hard work using pictures makes it easy to follow. This is especially important for us newbies to FlightAware.

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Sorry for late reply.
You need a Google key to display clear map like mine. Without key, google displays a darkened map with water marks “For development purposes only”.

If you dont have or want to get a Google key, then you can install VRS (Virtual Radar Server), and point it to the modeSDeco2 to get data from it.

The VRS has option to display either google map(key required) or openstreet map (no key required).


On trying to install modesdeco2 get error message saying pthreadvec2.dll is missing but according to the files that I downloaded and unzipped it clearly says it has it within the folder

is there anyone willing to control me with teamviewer are most welcome to try

I have 2 sdr`s 1 is a nooelec R820T sdr & dvb-t nesdr mini and the other is the flightaware pro stick

Just now tried ModeSDeco2 on Windows 8, it gave me error “missing dll”, but another one.

Even if I can install it, I will require a Google Key, which I dont want to obtain.

I have therefore taken another route:

  • For decoder, installed RTL1090 (Decoder Option-3 of first post)
  • To view map, installed Virtual Radar Server (VRS): http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/Download.aspx
  • Configured VRS to display map by getting data from RTL1090 as shown below. By default, RTL1090 outputs data on port 31001 format beast.

Screenshot 1 of 5



Screenshot 2 of 5


Screenshot 3 of 5


Screenshot 4 of 5



Screenshot 5 of 5


still missing rtlsdr.dll file and cannot get rtl1090 to install. I have got VRS2.4 installed and also zadig

Any specific reason to use Windows 8? It should still be possible to upgrade to 10?