Flight Aware pro stick plus?


All I am wanting to do is to be able to decode aircraft data with my windows 10 laptop and Flight Aware pro stick plus ? I purchased a Raspberry PI and I am just not understanding how to set it up with is own way of operating !! Is there ANY way to do what I want to do(with my windows 10 laptop) without a Raspberry Pi ?? Or should I just move on and sell the pro stick plus ? ANY help would be GREAT with my problem…P.S. I also have a SDR UNO RSP 2 ? Or I would be willing to send my Raspberry Pi tto someone to program it for me and send it back ? I will pay shipping both ways and cover the cost of programming it for me as well ? At this point its just not fun any more !! Its just old age at this end I believe :slight_smile:
THANKS in advance with ANY help…
Steve / Lakeside,AZ.



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