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How to identify other UAT978 feeder sites?

I have UAT978 feeder site #101266. I would like to look at other 978 sites to compare statistics. How do I find them?

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  1. Go to your “My ADSB” page and find a list of “Nearby Sites”

  2. Click on each nearby feeder’s “USERNAME” name one by one. This will open their “My ADSB” page.

  3. On the nearby feeder’s “My ADSB” page, look for “Feeder Type”. If it is, he has UAT. If it is something else like 3.6.3, then this site does not have UAT.


Are you looking for UAT only sites? Otherwise you can’t compare stats because ADS-B is added.

Basically you can’t.

All that would mean is the software they run supports UAT, it doesn’t mean they are actually running a dongle receiving it.


FWIW, updating the stats page to distinguish UAT vs 1090 is on The List, but we don’t have a date for it yet.


Even a simple UAT ONLY checkbox on the STATS page would be a great start.

Pretty sure right now it’s just counted as ADS-B.
You would need to change the database first, so “just a checkbox” doesn’t fly.

Just use a second piaware client / station for UAT.

Can I run 2 instances of PiAware 3.7.1 on a single Raspi?


Just tested it, see the thread @abcd567 linked above my post.

This would be useful to help see if your UAT receiver stopped working.

Another way to search for other nearby sites: from the flightaware stats pages for a uat only site:

Then click on a tracklog for a tracked flight

I appear to be only UAT site in the area other than airports with 4 letter codes. It would be helpful to be able to see UAT reports from all sources to confirm operation of my equipment and better support feeding data to Flightaware. Can see my user name and feeder ID on the list. (corrected per comment from OBJ)

If it would further the cause of creating a network of UAT user sites, could voluntarily list UAT sites by username and sitenumber.

Another request: would it be difficult to increase the number of hours for the list of UAT flights reported by my site. Is there some software I could add to the feeder to keep a running list?

Trying this on 1090 site, still only see my site and 4 letter codes, when there has to be other 1090 sites in area. Guess they are only shown by nearest airport?

You can only see the feeder ID in the tracklog for your own sites.

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edited post and added 1090 flight track. Are other user sites only ID’d by nearest airport?

Yes, that’s right. Simplest way to check is to view the tracklog in an incognito browser session.

In private/incognito browser, the flights with positions is blank.

From regular browser

tracklog lists my site

tracklog url copied into private/incognito browser only has airports listed

Is there anyway to check other nearby UAT sites to compare data?

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Doesn’t show up like on the 1090 side?
You can click on the orange bar…
You have like 3 radar stations in FL.

Under Flights with Positions From This Feeder on FlightAware.com Within the Last Hour
It gives you list of flights. If you click tracklog for a flight, it doesn’t identify other sites except by airport. If you’re logged in you can see your own sites and feeder-id but no one else. Does it work different for you?

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I don’t have a UAT site yet. Had one in the past, when data wasn’t sent to FA, soon I will have it back running, waiting for the antenna.