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How to guarantee getting metadata for *all* flights

I have been calling SearchBirdseyeInFlight every 24 hours based upon this line in the documentation:

This function only searches flight data representing approximately the last 24 hours.

I am using {false inAir} to ensure I get details of flights that have already arrived, assuming that flights in the air at the time of the API call will have arrived when I next call the API and I will get their details in that call.

One thing that is confusing is that the value of the arrivalTime field is always 0 which, according to the documentation for InFlightAircraftStruct, is the value when the aircraft is still in flight(!!!):

arrivalTime int epoch when the flight arrived, or 0 if still in flight

I also get non-zero values for altitude, groundspeed, and heading which suggests that I’m getting the details for aircraft in flight.

I just manually called the API - less than 24 hours after the scheduled call - and there was no overlap in flights with the flights from my previous call. I now have alarm bells going off in my head. This API call is not doing what I am expecting it to do.

My complete query is:

{notmatch orig Y*} {match dest Y*} {false inAir}

What am I doing wrong? How do I guarantee that I get the details for all flights?

I have just confirmed that {true inAir} and {false inAir} return the same results. :sob: :sob: :sob:


Try changing your query to {notmatch orig Y*} {match dest Y*} {> arrivaltime 0}

It looks like after doing so you will be able to see the flights that have arrived (as shown below). Let me know if this works for you.

“SearchBirdseyeInFlightResult”: {
“next_offset”: 15,
“aircraft”: [
“faFlightID”: “QTR904-1625415960-schedule-0814”,
“ident”: “QTR904”,
“prefix”: “H”,
“type”: “B77W”,
“suffix”: “”,
“origin”: “OTHH”,
“destination”: “YMML”,
“timeout”: “0”,
“timestamp”: 1625641359,
“departureTime”: 1625589935,
“firstPositionTime”: 1625588681,
“arrivalTime”: 1625637060,
“longitude”: 144.84100,
“latitude”: -37.68567,
“lowLongitude”: 51.50629,
“lowLatitude”: -37.84259,
“highLongitude”: 144.86501,
“highLatitude”: 25.45160,
“groundspeed”: 0,
“altitude”: 1,
“heading”: 180,
“altitudeStatus”: “”,
“updateType”: “A”,
“altitudeChange”: “D”,
“waypoints”: “”

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