SearchBirdseyeInFlight Showing Old Information for Flights


Maybe I am misunderstanding the usage of SearchBirdseyeInFlight, but I think it is supposed to show all the flights that are in the air correct?

I am trying use this query to show the next 15 arriving flights into HNL from these airlines.

query={= dest PHNL} {ident {ASA* AAY* AAL* OAE* AWE* WJA* VRD*}}

When the results return, I get flightIDs of flights that arrived yesterday.

For example, when I ran the query just now I get flightID, ASA895-1475817993-airline-0225:0

But the correct information (the flight in the air) is flightID, ASA895-1475904371-airline-0240:0

The same issue holds true for ASA847 and AAL692 (these flights are in the air right now but the query shows yesterdays flight)

I have ran dozens of queries trying to solve this but I can’t seem to resolve it.


Despite the name of the function, it does not return only flights that are enroute. If you want to restrict it to only inair flights, you can add “{true inAir}” to the search expression.


Sorry to add this onto the end, but I can’t start a new thread.

My query is:

{in orig {EGLL}} {< ogtd $scheduled_departure} {> edt $estimated_departure} {false inAir} {false arrived}

As I’m trying to find flights on the ground that might be slightly delayed

scheduled_departure is the time now and estimated_departure is an hour into the future

however i’m not getting valuable data returned… is the edt field working correctly?

if it isn’t what is the most reliable place to get up to date estimated time of arrival, or estimated time of departure?